Balthazar’s Dream

Video Game
Psilocybe Games
Released 2017

My Role and Contribution


To convey Balthazar’s dream world through music, I wanted to use instruments and textures you wouldn’t normally hear together. Toy piano with mbira, hang drum, marimba, voices, metallic percussion, udu, frame drums, synths overlaid with strings, and many other unusual sounds. I also played a lot with how tuning affects our perception of music by using ‘out-of-tune’ instruments interlocked with those in standard Western-tuning.

The combination of de-tuned instruments, unusual textures, and cyclical interlocking patterns create a sensation that things within this sonic world are not quite right…

Balthazar’s Dream

Psilocybe Games

A kid named Dustin goes into a coma after being hit by an ice cream truck. His injuries are serious and there is virtually no hope of him waking up. His dog sleeps by his side, dreaming of strange and mysterious lands filled with canine wonders. It is Balthazar—Dustin’s best friend and there is no way in the world he will move even an inch away from his owner. In his dream Balthazar senses a presence of two entities. Recognizing one as Dustin he uses his nose to follow him, while the other presence lurks menacingly in the darkness. Balthazar is sure that it is here to take the boy away. With a loud bark Balthazar embarks on a quest to save his owner, venturing through the dreamscape with love and determination only a dog can possess.

Genre / Style

Electronic, World, Orchestral

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