Taylor Ambrosio Wood

Composer | Percussionist


Video Game
Marlowe Dobbe
Released 2017
Role: Composer

Caramari is a mini game created in 48 hours for Global Game Jam 2017. This year’s Global Game Jam prompt was the word ‘wave’, and teams of creators all around the world raced to finish games in just two days. Here’s what we created! This heartwarming game combines the visuals of a cozy Post-Victorian suburb with incessant road-rage and quirky characters. The only question is how long before it all goes up in flames?

In CARamari you play as a squid, starting your first day as a traffic conductor. You use the WASD keys to wave traffic through. But as rush hour mounts the inpatient commuters come faster and faster, some even boiling over with anger and gassing through the intersection without permission. It quickly becomes a struggle to keep everyone safe and keep yourself from getting fired!


Pop, Quirky

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